Looking to Compare Victoria’s Electricity Providers?

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It’s always a good idea to shop the market on electricity providers, and with the cost of living in Victoria, saving a few dollars on your bills can make a huge difference. Electricity providers all have different plans and breakdowns, and sometimes if you compare a few you might find something that works better for you. Whether you’re moving house or just looking to see what’s there, here’s how you compare electricity plans.

Look at your current plan

Compare existing bills and plans with any other providers you are considering. Your current provider is a good starting point when considering other options. You might even want to speak to your provider to see what you are eligible for in regards to your electricity plans.

Investigate your electricity usage

We always recommend you taking a look at your average spend and usage from month to month. One benefit to this is seeing how you can budget or reduce your electricity usage. Another benefit is you can use this information to go back to other providers and see whether they can beat your current watts per dollar.

Ask about extras

Do you know the available discounts and extras for your provider? Do other providers offer additional discounts for bundling, or chip in for other bills? It’s always smart to check with suppliers on what you are eligible for, as you might find a discount or extra that helps you save money.

Look at your region, and the suppliers in your area

Not every supplier is available in your area, but you should always investigate availabilities and plans in your suburb. Regions can influence the cost of your electricity and you might want to see how your suburb impacts your plan.

Request a price breakdown

Suppliers will give you a price breakdown that explains every element factored into your overall bill. Your bill is a price based on regions, GST and setup fees, to name a few, but they may have slight differences based on which supplier you go to. Compare the differences and similarities of price breakdowns to see where you can get better value.

Look into contracts

Contracts should meet your lifestyle needs and preferences. We recommend you ask about what available contracts a supplier has and use this to determine if it’s a fit. Month to month? 6 months? 12 months? Any exist clauses? How can you pay your bills? Know what you want and see which suppliers can offer that to you.

Flexible services

Are contracts flexible? Can you pay your bills in your preferred manner? Can you view your usage easily online? Is customer service always available to assist? Naturally customer service is a big factor in getting your energy plan, so see what’s available, and take a look at online reviews to prepare for any issues you might have.

Look into rebates and concession

Low income earners are eligible for rebates or concession, and a provider can support you in a payment plan supports you financially. Take a look at what is available in your area, and which providers will support this.

Investigate online portals for a quick, convenient way to compare

Sifting through multiple websites can be tedious, but with online comparison portals you can look at all available providers and electricity rates with ease. With GoSwitch, we let you look at all available plans in your region and then speak to you about a tailored recommendation. It’s never been easier! 

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Our online portal is free to use and lets you easily look at your suburb’s current energy deals. Fill in your details and a specialist will get in touch to give you a recommendation based on your needs. Compare electricity providers in Victoria or compare electricity rates in Victoria today.