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There are many prominent energy providers and retailers delivering services to the Gold Coast and South-East Queensland. The GoSwitch energy price comparison tool is the fast way to locate the best value and trusted electricity suppliers on the Gold Coast.

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Electricity Suppliers

Living costs on the Gold Coast quickly add up, so it’s worth taking a few minutes to compare electricity plans and offers before moving into a new home or rental property. Every energy provider delivers a range of incentives and discounts that can add up and significantly lower monthly energy bills.

There are electricity suppliers providing cheap electricity rates on the Gold Coast, and GoSwitch will locate the best available offers, totally free of charge. Every energy provider is different, and we will find the one that suits your household or small business.

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Electricity suppliers on the Gold Coast - comparing plans available

South-East Queensland residents enjoy the freedom of a deregulated energy marketplace, where energy retailers attract new customers with better offers, and lower electricity prices are the norm. The GoSwitch energy price comparison service will locate electricity & gas deals well below the market offer, from well-known energy retailers such as Energy Australia and AGL.

In addition, GoSwitch thinks outside the box, and you can speak with an energy specialist for expert advice and assistance about additional opportunities, such as:

  • Renewable energy and carbon-neutral power options
  • Solar power system price comparison search
  • Smart Meter technology for adapting energy usage
  • Combining gas, electricity, broadband and home phone
  • Relocating from NSW, Vic, SA, or other Australian states and territories.

Understanding your Electricity Bill and Pricing

Your electricity bill consists of two types of charges (tariffs).

Supply charges – from major Queensland and Australian electricity and gas distribution networks such as Energex.

Usage charges – from your chosen electricity or gas retailer, according to the specifics of your contract.

There are several ways you can adjust the contract to suit your household and lifestyle, while still saving money. Electricity bill and pricing terms to consider include:

  • Flat Rate Fees and charges where the price remains the same 24/7
  • Peak, shoulder, and off-peak usage charges
  • Controlled load charges for a hot water cylinder
  • 12-month contracts and no-lock-in contracts
  • Flexible payment options and GST
  • Cost per Kw/h (kilowatt hour)
  • Pay on time discounts
  • Energy concessions (rebates)
  • Solar feed-in tariffs from solar panels
  • Exit fees

Connect Qld electricity with GoSwitch, and speak with an energy expert for more tips to save money on your electricity bill on the Gold Coast.

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Combining Gas and Electricity – Benefits of combining your plan

Energy companies in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and other regional Queensland locations are focused on delivering better value for Queensland electricity customers. One way to guarantee a better deal for your home or small business is to combine electricity and gas in a bundle deal. Gas has well-known cooking and heating advantages for a variety of applications, making a combination of the two power sources a money saver in many homes and businesses.

Natural gas isn’t available in every region. Enter your postcode into the GoSwitch search engine to find out if gas is connected to your address.

Save money – compare electricity plans and providers on the Gold Coast

The goal at GoSwitch is to help you save money on electricity plans. GoSwitch will locate electricity usage and energy contract savings, such as direct debit payment discounts, single-rate tariffs for stand-alone appliances, time-of-use savings, solar power initiatives and a whole lot more.

GoSwitch earns a commission from major electricity providers for establishing new energy contracts. It’s in our best interest to locate great energy plans for you. Best of all, the entire GoSwitch service is 100% free.

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How GoSwitch can help you find a better deal

GoSwitch works with the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) to deliver the best possible energy deals. Our electricity comparison service helps you make an informed decision. The entire process takes only a couple of minutes, with no obligation to change from your present electricity plan. You can switch to a better electricity supplier in 3 simple steps.

  1. Get started: Make an electricity/energy usage profile for your household. Include your electricity usage peak, shoulder and off-peak times, plus your overall energy usage during the billing cycle.
  2. Compare energy deals: Use the accurate GoSwitch energy price comparison service to access energy deals in real-time. We get results fast.
  3. Set up and save: If you accept a better offer, GoSwitch can help you set up the new account, absolutely free of charge.
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FAQs About Comparing Electricity Suppliers In The Gold Coast

Lowering electricity costs for homes and businesses is a GoSwitch specialty. New electricity deals arrive monthly from highly competitive electricity retailers, and GoSwitch will personalise a plan that suits your specific needs.

South-East Queensland residents have several trusted electricity suppliers and distributors to choose from, including Energy Australia, Dodo, AGL, and Ergon Energy. GoSwitch does the energy market comparison for you, so you can fine-tune your electricity deal.

Simply enter your postcode to get started. Refine your search using the handy GoSwitch search options, and locate great electricity and gas plans for your area.

Many GoSwitch partners offer cheap business electricity, including Blue NRG, a specialist retailer of electricity to small businesses in South-East Queensland. Compare with GoSwitch today and start saving straight away.