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Nobody likes to pay more than needed for yearly electricity costs. A typical bill includes a variety of charges, but not all contracts are created equally, and GoSwitch will locate offers far better than the average electricity bill Gold Coast customers are used to.

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A free GoSwitch energy price comparison search will uncover great energy deals from well-known Gold Coast retailers. With GoSwitch, you can compare your present deal with the average electricity bill on the Gold Coast. First, you need to understand your average energy usage, so you can adapt with a personalised energy plan. Considerations include:

  • The number of people living in your home
  • The size of your home
  • The location (postcode) of your home
  • Age of the residents
  • Household income
  • Home use: busy or quiet lifestyle?
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What is the average electricity bill

The average yearly electricity bill for customers in South-East Queensland is close to $1,350, making saving money on energy bills a priority for customers in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways GoSwitch can help you trim your annual power bills by getting a deal that suits your household and lifestyle.

Energy market prices are kept in check by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), and retailers compete strongly to offer deals well below the market offer. GoSwitch locates highly-regarded retailers that deliver consistently good energy deals for Queenslanders, with electricity rates well below the average, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars annually.

Avoiding the increase in electricity prices

There are many ways to avoid the increase in electricity prices. For starters, there are lots of well-known home-living tips for saving electricity, such as using electricity at off-peak times, and washing clothes in cold water when possible. Additional considerations include:

Going Solar: Solar power systems have been improving for decades, and today’s long-lasting solar systems put the power in your hands for energy efficiency. You can use solar power for your home and receive solar electricity feed-in tariffs for selling energy back to the grid – the best of both worlds.

Smart Meters: Many South-East Queensland homes have smart meters installed. These devices monitor your electricity usage in real-time, without the need for a meter reader to visit. You can self-monitor your home electricity use and adjust usage times to save on electricity costs.

Understanding your bill: Electricity bills contain important information about your plan, such as usage charges, supply charges, rebates, kW/h (kilowatts per hour) pricing, special features, contact details, and more. Compare your current contract with new deals using the powerful GoSwitch energy price comparison search engine.

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Electricity Usage

The average electricity bill on the Gold Coast is made up of several charges (tariffs), and there are lots of ways residential customers can improve electricity deals. Your power bill will include:

Supply charges from major Queensland and Australian electricity and gas distribution networks such as Energex.

Usage charges – from your chosen electricity or gas retailer, such as Energy Australia, AGL, or Origin Energy.

Electricity bill and pricing terms to consider include:

  • Flat-Rate Tariffs 24/7
  • Peak, shoulder, and off-peak tariffs
  • Controlled load tariff for stand-alone appliances such as a hot water cylinder
  • 12-month contracts or no-lock-in contracts
  • Flexible payment options (GST inclusive)
  • Cost per Kw/h (kilowatt hour)
  • Pay-on-time discounts
  • Energy concessions (rebates) to assist with the cost of living
  • Solar feed-in tariffs from solar panels
  • Contract exit fees

In addition, GoSwitch will locate special energy contract features, incentives, and plans designed to cut energy costs for Gold Coast customers. Average electricity bills on the Gold Coast get much better with GoSwitch, and our service to you is 100% free.

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Electricity retailers in the deregulated energy market compete fiercely for new customers. GoSwitch partners with highly competitive energy retailers with a reputation for good customer service and great electricity and gas deals.

GoSwitch is the favourite energy price comparison search tool for energy customers in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and the ACT, so you can even use our comparison service for an interstate move. If you are considering a new plan from your current energy provider, or are making the switch to a new electricity supply retailer, GoSwitch can do the comparison for you to improve your average, and the savings are all yours to keep.

FAQs About the Average Electricity Bill on The Gold Coast

The average annual electricity bill on the Gold Coast is a little under $1,400. Age is a major consideration, with people aged 65 and overspending closer to $800 annually on electricity rates, while people around 40 years of age commonly spend above $1500 on power bills yearly.

Most Australian states enjoy a deregulated electricity market. Average monthly electricity bills vary state-to-state by a small margin, although it is also worth investigating individual energy contract incentives and government rebates that affect overall electricity costs. Get better offers well below the monthly average with GoSwitch.

Simply divide your annual costs by 52 (weeks per year). If your annual electricity costs are $1,400, you will be paying just under $30 per week or about a dollar per day. That’s pretty cheap, but costs add up, so take advantage of a free GoSwitch price comparison search.

With GoSwitch on your side, you can forget about average. Our electricity and gas deals are well below the market offer in Qld, NSW, Vic, and other Australian states and territories. If you are a long-term Gold Coast local looking for a better energy deal, or a newcomer from Sydney, Melbourne, or elsewhere, GoSwitch will make your switch to a new provider a profitable one.