Electricity Connection Brisbane

Moving house to a new property or rental property can be a busy time, and getting power connected is a top priority. GoSwitch electricity and gas deals can save you money on electricity connection in Brisbane.  

Connect electricity when you move home

Getting electricity connected to your new home in Brisbane

If you are moving to a new home and want a better energy deal for your property, GoSwitch can assist. Our powerful energy price comparison tool compares leading energy retailers to deliver the best available electricity and gas prices for residential and small business connections in Brisbane and South-East Queensland.

Connecting electricity and gas to a rental property

Moving to a new home or rental property is a good time to renegotiate your current energy contract or switch to a better deal with another retailer. Make sure to give your retailer several days’ notice of your move so they can organise a timely connection to your premises. GoSwitch partners with trusted retailers such as Energy Australia, Origin Energy, AGL, and Dodo.

Your electricity or gas retailer will coordinate the connection with major Brisbane distribution networks.


  • Energex
  • Ergon Energy


  • Allgas Energy
  • Australian Gas Networks

Connection of gas and electricity to a new build

Here are the steps to get power connected to a new build.

  1. Talk with the electrical contractor completing work on your build about the connection process and costs involved.
  2. Submit your connection application. Your contractor can submit the application on your behalf. The connection can be fast-tracked in some cases.
  3. Accept the connection offer from your regional energy distributor.
  4. Choose your electricity retailer and set up an account. The account needs to be set up and terms accepted before the connection to your new build can be completed.
  5. Your retailer will advise you of the timeframe for connection so you have power at your premises when you are ready to move in.

Setting up same-day electricity connection

Same day (expediated) electricity or gas connection is available with GoSwitch partners. Urgent same-day connection will incur additional costs, so speak to a GoSwitch energy expert who will provide all the information required for a cost-effective switch.

GoSwitch is Australia’s favourite energy price comparison service with access to leading energy providers, electricity networks and energy plans designed to suit your household, business, and lifestyle. If you need a same-day electricity connection, GoSwitch can make it happen.

Find out how to get your electricity connected urgently with GoSwitch. Along with Brisbane customers, we serve regional Queensland areas such as Rockhampton, plus New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and other Australian states and territories.

home electricity costs and fees

Fees to look out for when moving properties

Electricity and gas distributors charge disconnection/reconnection fees when you move to a new property. The fees can vary depending on your location and energy requirements, and include costs for undertaking a meter reading.

If you are considering switching to a new retailer, there may be an early exit fee associated with your current contract. A GoSwitch price comparison search will compare all fees, incentives, and savings opportunities so you can choose the right energy deal for your household or small business.

Finding the best provider and plan for your business

In the highly competitive energy provider industry it can be difficult to sort the best from the rest. A GoSwitch gas or electricity price comparison search is the alternative to independent research that can take hours or days with little reward. A GoSwitch comparison search takes only a couple of minutes and delivers the latest offers from leading retailers in real-time.

At GoSwitch, we find the best available deals for your postcode. If you are a residential customer or small business customer in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, or other S.E. QLD regions, you can find unbeatable deals in three simple steps.

  1. Make an energy usage profile for your home or business
  2. Compare plans from leading retailers using the GoSwitch price comparison service
  3. Accept an offer and start enjoying lower electricity bills

Finding the best provider and plan for your new electricity connection is the GoSwitch specialty. You can even speak with a GoSwitch energy expert who will show you how to compare offers and plans from leading electricity and gas providers in Brisbane.

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Switching retailers when you move

There are dozens of ways to make switching retailers a profitable move. GoSwitch is committed to finding the best network for you. Power companies overseen by the Australian Energy Regulator are continually upgrading new contracts with additional incentives, and moving house is the ideal time to switch retailers for a better deal.

In fact, in the deregulated Australian energy marketplace, GoSwitch recommends checking back annually to fine-tune your contract for additional savings on electricity and gas bills. We can even assist with a seamless interstate move to NSW, Vic, and other Australian regions.

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Checklist for getting your electricity connected

Queensland is served by a number of well-known electricity retailers. Before accepting a new electricity or gas deal, there are some checklist questions worth asking GoSwitch.

  • Does the plan include competitive usage and supply charges?
  • Is the plan discounted compared to the reference price?
  • Is there a fixed contract?
  • Are there exit fees for early plan termination?
  • Are there additional discounts available?
  • Are the discounts for the lifetime of the contract?
  • Does the plan include the option for solar power feed-in tariffs?
  • Are there renewable energy initiatives?
  • What additional sign-up incentives and savings opportunities are available?
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GoSwitch can help if you have any questions

GoSwitch electricity plans are among the best available. We are here to help you tailor electricity deals, new connections, pricing, and a whole lot more. Savings opportunities we investigate on your behalf include:
• Kilowatt per hour (kW/h) charge (tariff)
• Daily supply charges
• Time-of-use charges (peak, shoulder, off-peak)
• Fixed price tariff
• Controlled load tariff for a stand-alone hot water cylinder
• Special deals and incentives

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FAQs about Electricity Connection Brisbane

The first step is to enter your postcode into the powerful GoSwitch search engine. We will locate the best available energy plans for your home or business.

There are lots of highly-regarded electricity suppliers serving Brisbane and South-East Queensland. The aim is to choose a deal that best suits your specific needs by comparing the latest deals from local energy retailers.

With advance planning, electricity can be connected at your new residence prior to you moving in. In order to avoid urgent connection costs, you will need to inform your energy retailer at least three business days before the move-in date.

Cheap household and small business deals are the nature of the electricity supply business in the deregulated market. However, price isn’t the only consideration, and it is important to establish an energy plan that delivers ongoing savings for the lifetime of your contract.