Urgent Electricity Connection

Australians move often, even on the weekend, and may need same day power or urgent electricity connection at the new address. Choose a GoSwitch electricity retail partner for urgent electricity connection and get connected the same day.

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Organising quick and urgent electricity connections

At GoSwitch, we take the stress out of the move to your new address. We work with highly regarded energy retailers in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, and the ACT to deliver fast disconnection/reconnection services and a cheaper electricity supply.

You don’t need to compromise value just because your connection is urgent. GoSwitch will help you locate energy contract features that include:

  • Personalised time-of-use electricity savings (peak, shoulder, off-peak).
  • Pro-active customer service and a willingness to introduce new savings features.
  • Adaptable contracts that suit the Aussie lifestyle.
  • Transparent billing that includes all charges, surcharges, tariffs and fees.

Additional fees for same-day electricity connection

We will help you find an electricity retailer who offers same-day electricity connection to your new property. Some service providers also offer urgent (expediated) power connection, although additional fees may apply. All is revealed by using the powerful GoSwitch energy price comparison tool. Simply enter your postcode to get started.

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How long does it take to set up an electricity connection

Getting connected is easier than ever. In addition, you can also choose your own electricity or gas retailer for your home or small business. GoSwitch is a free service that provides plan information from leading electricity providers and distribution networks, and if you decide to switch to a better plan, the savings are all yours to keep.

You can get connected at your new home in 3 simple steps:

  1. Inform your new retailer or GoSwitch representative of your new address, and choose a suitable connection date.
  2. Stay in the loop and updated via SMS and email regarding your connection status during the moving process.
  3. If switching retailers, contact your old retailer to disconnect at your old address and send the final bill.
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How same-day electricity connections work

You should arrange your new electricity connection in advance. Simply pick the day before you’re due to move in as the connection date, and you will have power on the moment you walk in the door. Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan, and you may need power urgently.

The good news is most electricity retailers can connect power next business day when required. Let your retailer know before 1 pm, and you can be connected the following day (excluding public holidays). In some cases, an urgent connection will incur a fee, so make sure your retailer discloses all new connection fees and tariffs.

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Getting the best electricity deal with GoSwitch

The energy market is deregulated in NSW, Vic, Qld, SA, and other Australian regions, and customers are the big winners. It’s easier than ever to switch distributors and change to a better energy plan.

The GoSwitch energy price comparison service is your alternative to a confusing and complex independent search that will only waste your time. The GoSwitch service is free and provides accurate results in real-time. We uncover every opportunity to save you money on your new energy deal, and we personalise the contract for your home and lifestyle.

Getting connected urgently Australia wide

Whether you are moving locally or choosing an energy provider in another state, GoSwitch can make the move with you for a smooth and hassle-free transition to your new home. As the Aussie favourite energy price comparison service, GoSwitch also searches for gas connection deals and discounts.

Natural gas is available in many Australian regions, and you can save money by combining electricity and gas in a bundle deal. In today’s energy market, you can combine electricity + gas + broadband + home phone for additional savings.

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Moving home – how to organise a quick and easy connection

Moving home is a busy time, and it’s important to plan ahead. With GoSwitch, you can stick with your current energy plan, or switch to a different retailer to take advantage of the best available deal. Now is the right time to undertake an electricity price comparison and negotiate a better deal. All you need to do is:

  • Choose a plan that suits your new home
  • Sign up for your new electricity/gas account
  • Inform your energy company where and when you are moving
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Electricity and Gas comparison made fast

A GoSwitch energy price comparison takes only a couple of minutes. You will find lower rates and energy plans that suit your needs. Here are just a few ways GoSwitch customers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are saving on power bills.

Cheap plans: We compare leading energy providers and electricity deals based on your postcode.

Bundle deals: Bundle electricity and gas to find the cheapest deals available with energy retailers.

Bonuses: Pay on time bonus, sign up bonus, bundle deal bonus, and other money saver energy plans.

Personalised plans: Single rate tariff, lower supply charge, sustainable feed-in tariff, off-peak savings, gas plans, zero exit fees, rebates and other incentives from energy retailers.

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What you need to do to get your electricity connected

Whether you own your home or are a renter, you will need electricity connected at your new home. If you are sticking with your present retailer at your new house, you simply need to inform them of the date you plan to move. Your retailer will take a reading of your gas or electricity meter in order to provide a final bill at your current address.

Electricity is generally connected during weekday business hours, and you should give your retailer at least a couple of days notice prior to moving to ensure a hassle-free transition. For new builds and new metering, your builder will coordinate services with major energy providers such as Energex and Ausgrid.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Urgent electricity connection

Electricity can be connected urgently if required, although there will be additional fees included. In most cases, electricity can be connected next-day, if you notify your energy retailer prior to 1 pm.

Your energy company can turn the power off at your old residence, and power on at your new residence, same-day. Your GoSwitch call centre assistant can assist every step of the way to ensure you have electricitygas, internet, and phone available the moment you walk in the door.

It is possible to get connected on the weekend, although there will probably be additional charges. Speak to your retailer regarding connection costs and other personalised contract features.

First, locate the best available energy deals for your postcode using the GoSwitch energy price comparison service. Choose a deal that suits your rental property, and sign up. By choosing a better deal with GoSwitch, you will start saving money from your first bill