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Newcastle residents are spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting electricity companies and suppliers. GoSwitch makes deciding easy by partnering with Newcastle electricity providers with the ability to deliver the best available deals for your postcode.

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About Newcastle

Electricity Suppliers and Plans

GoSwitch is Australia’s number one energy comparison service, and Newcastle, NSW residents are reaping the financial benefits. In the deregulated marketplace there are lots of electricity suppliers providing cheap electricity rates in Newcastle, and the GoSwitch energy price comparison tool works in real-time to deliver better energy deals for your home or business.

To use the GoSwitch service, simply enter your postcode to find competitive Newcastle electricity deals. GoSwitch will save you days of searching for the right electricity supplier by delivering great usage plans and contract incentives tailored just for you.

Service Areas of Newcastle

Electricity providers in Newcastle and comparison rates

Sydney, Newcastle and other NSW regions are part of Ausgrid and other major Australian electricity distribution networks. These networks deliver electricity to regions and cities such as Newcastle to be purchased by local electricity retailers. GoSwitch works with Australia’s leading retailers to deliver better energy prices. Our retail partners include:

  • Energy Australia
  • AGL
  • Dodo
  • 1st Energy
  • Blue NRG
  • OVO
  • Sumo
  • Origin Energy

Use the 100% free GoSwitch energy price comparison service to compare electricity plans, and make an informed decision for your next contract. The comparison search takes only a few minutes, with no obligation to change from your current energy deal. Here’s how it works:

Get started by making an energy usage profile of your present home or business.

Compare the deals by using our state-of-the-art comparison technology.

Set up and start saving for a smooth transition to a better electricity deal.

Providers of both electricity and gas in Newcastle

Natural gas is available in approximately 25% of all homes and businesses around Australia. If your new residence has both electricity and natural gas available, it could be a good idea to get a bundle electricity/gas deal. Combing gas and electricity has several benefits, including:

  • Bundle deal sign-up incentives from energy retailers
  • Keep up to date with a single bill (online or by post)
  • Tailor electricity and gas use for energy savings
  • Experience the best of gas cooking and instant hot water
looking at different electricity and gas plans available
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Tips for saving money on your electricity bill in Newcastle

Newcastle electricity deals change month-to-month. At GoSwitch, we recommend undertaking a price comparison search annually, or whenever your present contact has expired. You have no obligation to stay with your current electricity supplier if you find a better deal that will save on energy bills. There are lots more ways to save, such as:

Renewable energy price comparison search. GoSwitch compares solar panel prices and quality to ensure you get the best available deal. Solar power advantages include:

  • Sell excess electricity back to the grid (feed-in tariffs)
  • Use or sell electricity with zero wastage
  • Lower monthly energy bills
  • Improve your home’s resale value

Smart meter innovations provide a better way to oversee energy usage around your home. Benefits of having a smart meter include:

  • No need for a meter reader inspector to visit
  • Structure energy usage around peak, shoulder and off-peak usage
  • Send information directly to your retailer for accurate billing
  • Add value to your home
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About the Newcastle electricity market

The deregulated Newcastle electricity market means there are plenty of good energy providers to choose from for better electricity prices. You can get an energy plan that suits your household and lowers energy bills using the GoSwitch comparison service.

Switching electricity suppliers and providers in Newcastle has never been easier, but there are many different plans available. Speak with a GoSwitch call centre energy expert if you want to get an even better deal with charges (tariffs), including:

  • Flat rate or time-of-use electricity charges
  • Supply charges from regional distributors
  • Cost per kilowatt-hour (kW/h) in Newcastle
  • Energy concessions
  • Lock-in for 12 months or no-lock-in contract
  • Flexible payment options for pay-on-time discount
  • Exit fees
  • Joining bonuses
  • Solar power feed-in tariffs
city single rate tariffs and off-peak times
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How GoSwitch can help you find a better deal

Our aim at GoSwitch is to keep electricity prices as low as possible for business and residential customers in Newcastle, NSW, Vic, Qld, and other Australian regions. Although the market is overseen by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), the NSW electricity and gas prices you pay are determined by energy companies, electricity distributors, energy suppliers and retailers who are all trying to offer competitive deals, and the power is in your hands to get a better deal on your power bill.

FAQs About Electricity Suppliers In Newcastle

There are dozens of energy suppliers in Newcastle, including gas companies and retailers offering carbon neutral pricing and green energy incentives. There are also retailers who focus on business energy pricing, savings and rebates. Find out the cheapest supplier in Newcastle the easy way using the GoSwitch energy price comparison tool.

At GoSwitch, we partner with trusted electricity providers in New South Wales with a history of good customer service and satisfaction. The energy company you choose should be one that suits your home or small business. Choose from a trusted GoSwitch energy partner and move forward with confidence.

GoSwitch will help you find the best electricity rates and gas plans for your home. It’s important to understand your home’s energy usage in order to take advantage of competitive energy prices below the default market offer. Here are some considerations.

  • Your appliances (age, usage, and energy-star rating)
  • The number of people in your home
  • The location of your home
  • The size of your home
  • Your home lifestyle: busy or quiet?

There is no single cheapest provider in the deregulated energy market. However, GoSwitch is a powerful tool that can locate the cheapest energy deals in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and other Australian regions. Enter your postcode and find great electricity suppliers for your home or small business.