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Estimated costs associated with the average electricity bill in Newcastle are concerning, making GoSwitch money-saving initiatives a high priority. Learn how to optimise electricity usage and lower energy bills with GoSwitch, and start saving straight away.  

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About Average Bill


Every household is different, so it’s important to establish your home’s energy usage before searching for an alternative deal. The powerful GoSwitch energy price comparison search engine will find deals tailored to your needs, and here are a few considerations.

  • Your home appliances age, usage, and energy-star rating
  • The number of people living in your home
  • The location (postcode) of your home
  • The size of your home
  • Household activity: busy or quiet?
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What is the average electricity bill

The average New South Wales electricity bill is close to $1,300 annually. Average power bills for elderly Australians are generally much lower (around $800 annually), while busy young and middle-aged homeowners often spend closer to $1,500 per year on power.

The good news is that GoSwitch investigates every means of saving you money on energy bills to offset the increase in electricity prices. We partner with leading energy retailers to deliver competitive energy deals for Australian homes and small businesses. Don’t settle for an ‘average’ energy deal; let GoSwitch find you a better energy plan absolutely free of charge.

Going solar – save on your average electricity bill

Along with electricity usage and gas plans, the GoSwitch price comparison service can also compare solar panel deals for you. High-quality solar panels last for decades and provide superior electricity generation, and GoSwitch partners include established manufacturers that meet government ‘rebate incentive’ requirements. Advantages of solar energy include:

  • Sell energy back to the grid (feed-in tariffs)
  • Use or sell electricity with zero energy wastage
  • Become energy self-sufficient
  • Lower monthly power bills
  • Improve the value of your home
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Understanding your bill – billing guide

Your electricity or gas bill will display energy usage charges, kilowatt per hour charges, and other charges (tariffs). Billing information includes:

Contract term: Lock into an energy plan or benefit from a no-lock-in contract.

Cooling off period: You can reconsider within the 10-day cooling-off period in case you change your mind.

Terms and conditions: A variety of terms and conditions are on offer. GoSwitch will help you take advantage.

Eligibility: Important for gas deals, as natural gas may not be available at your new home or business address.

Contract length: There are savings with flexible contract terms, payment schedules and other features.

Contract incentives: These include pay-on-time discounts, direct debit payment discounts, off-peak energy saver discounts, and more.

Contract updates: Your energy retailer will update you with new services and incentives, and be contactable online and over the phone.

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What you need to know about energy usage

The electricity you use is supplied by major distribution networks such as Ausgrid, and localised retailers such as Energy Australia. Electricity retailers offer structured and adaptable energy plans with dozens of ways to fine-tune the deal, and with GoSwitch you can even speak with a call centre energy expert with questions about:

  • Supply charges
  • Usage charges
  • Time-of-use charges
  • Controlled load charges
  • Electricity usage kW/h
  • Single rate tariffs
  • GST
  • Renewable energy
  • Average annual electricity bills
  • Energy providers
  • The Australian Energy Regulator (AER)

Whether you need to understand residential averages, rates and tariffs, or small business averages, GoSwitch has the answers you are looking for.

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Suppliers to consider

GoSwitch is the favourite energy price comparison service in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT. We naturally partner with some of Australia’s most trusted electricity and gas suppliers and retailers. We focus on lower electricity rates for business and residential customers with deals from companies that include:

  • Energy Australia
  • AGL
  • Dodo
  • 1st Energy
  • Blue NRG
  • OVO
  • PowerDirect
  • Sumo
  • Origin Energy

Get your average – Compare plans with GoSwitch

If you are looking for something better than the average electricity bill in Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, or elsewhere in South-East Australia, GoSwitch will help you save hours or days on the search by comparing plans for you. We are the go-to price comparison search engine for Victorian, South Australian, New South Wales and Queensland customers who appreciate a better deal.

GoSwitch earns a commission from our energy partners for establishing new energy contracts. Our service to you is 100% free and the savings are all yours to keep.

FAQs About The Average Electricity Bill in Newcastle

Newcastle electricity pricing is overseen by the AER to ensure a level playing field and average energy bills in line with the energy market. However, at GoSwitch we believe you can get a better deal for your specific needs, potentially trimming hundreds of dollars annually off power bills.

The average NSW electricity bill is around $1,300 annually. The electricity market is constantly evolving, with new electricity deals arriving often, so GoSwitch recommends checking back annually to fine-tune your energy deal.

Every household is different, and it can be hard to define ‘average’. Your GoSwitch energy price comparison search can be tailored to suit your household, your appliances and your lifestyle for average energy usage and rates. Find out if you are paying too much, and make the switch with GoSwitch.

Compare plans and providers in three simple steps with GoSwitch.

  1. Get startedby creating an energy usage profile for your home.
  2. Compare dealsusing powerful GoSwitch comparison technology.
  3. Set up and start savingwith a new electricity deal.