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A GoSwitch energy price comparison search will highlight the difference between ‘cheap’ retailers and highly regarded retailers such as Powerdirect and AGL. Compare Powerdirect plans today, and start saving straight away.

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    About Powerdirect

    Powerdirect is a specialist electricity retailer offering competitive plans for residential, business and new connection customers. Owned by AGL Energy since 2007, Powerdirect is consistently offering top-ranked plans for electricity customers in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

    GoSwitch has been in partnership with Powerdirect and their parent company AGL for several years now. If you consider Powerdirect a suitable option for your electricity needs, contact GoSwitch today.

    Service Areas of Powerdirect

    Comparing Powerdirect electricity rates

    The huge Australian electricity distribution network covers a lot of territory. Before reaching your home for domestic purposes, electricity passes through power stations, substations, transmission towers, poles, wires, and pipes across vast distances. This vital infrastructure is a mix of private and government-owned organisations and companies. There are a large number of electricity and gas networks in Australia covering more than 100,000km and reaching 16 million homes, and Powerdirect is one of the most popular retailers in the business.

    In a deregulated energy market where integrated functions have transitioned into an open business model, the competition for customers is fierce. With GoSwitch, you can compare Powerdirect energy plans with other trusted retailers, and then narrow your choices down with the various individual Powerdirect plan options. Powerdirect connects with regional electricity distribution networks in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and the ACT. Here are a few savings examples possible by using the GoSwitch energy price comparison service.

    NSW: Rate Saver Plan – time of use tariff – 24% less than the reference price

    QLD: Rate Saver Plan – time of use tariff – 22% less than the reference price

    SA: Rate Saver Plan – time of use tariff – 11% less than the reference price

    VIC: Rate Saver Plan – time of use tariff – 16% less than the reference price

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    home electricity costs and fees

    Business and Residential billing

    Powerdirect is well known among business customers in Australia. Powerdirect also supplies electricity to residential customers and is proud to be carbon neutral based on the Climate Active standard. GoSwitch partners include Powerdirect and its owner-company AGL, and we invite you to compare the value of Powerdirect with other electricity retailers in your area. Getting started is easy: simply enter your postcode into the GoSwitch search engine, and receive tailored energy plan offers for your home or small business.

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    Powerdirect Fees, Rates & Charges

    All energy retailers strive for electricity plan advantages for business energy and residential customers. Apart from retailer charges, electricity prices are also influenced by regional power distribution network tariffs and other factors.

    Energy contracts contain various terms and conditions. The contract may include special incentives and charges that impact the total bill, and GoSwitch will locate every opportunity for saving you money. Here are just a few power bill considerations for potential savings.

    • Supply charges from major electricity distribution networks
    • Usage charges for energy use at home: peak, shoulder and off-peak
    • Single rate tariff for a set electricity use cost 24/7
    • Controlled load for stand-alone appliances such as a hot water cylinder
    • Standing offers from government energy regulators
    • Cost per kWh (kilowatt hour)
    • Contract length, payment schedule, discounts, incentives, exit fees

    Your GoSwitch energy expert can answer all your questions, so you can make the switch to a new electricity retailer with confidence. The GoSwitch service makes a complex search simple, at no charge, and the electricity bill savings are all yours to keep.

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    Products and services

    Electricity retailers are continually upgrading their plans and offers to entice new customers. The products and services offered by Powerdirect are among the best in the business, as confirmed with a GoSwitch search that compares Powerdirect with other electricity providers. Here are just a few ways Powerdirect can make your life easier.

    Residential and business energy plans: As one of Australia’s leading business and residential electricity retailers, you are in safe hands with Powerdirect.

    Specialised plans for multi-site businesses: GoSwitch can negotiate a specialised electricity plan for multi-business needs. Powerdirect pays us a commission. You don’t pay a cent for our service.

    Competitive pricing: Attracting new customers and retaining satisfied customers is the aim, and Powerdirect ticks all the right boxes for savings and incentives.

    Pay online option: Powerdirect offers pay online options, BPAY, phone and mail payments. They also offer bill smoothing, where energy costs are spread out into convenient, even payments.

    Solar friendly with Feed-in Tariffs: Powerdirect Rate Saver Plans allow you to sell electricity back to the grid. Feed-in-tariff rates are specified on your Powerdirect contract.

    Renewable Energy Plans: Along with solar power and solar feed tariffs from solar panels, Powerdirect offers renewable energy plans for lowering your carbon footprint.

    No fees for paper bills: Avoid paper bills by having your invoice sent directly to your inbox. Less paperwork and greater efficiency means Powerdirect can get down to the real business of saving you money.

    Monthly billing options: It’s your choice how you receive your bill and how you pay the bill with Powerdirect. Billing options offer flexibility for your home or business, including direct debit or credit card payments that suit your style.

    Connect electricity when you move home

    Get connected with a great energy deal from Powerdirect

    Getting connected at a new home is easier than ever thanks to GoSwitch. There are lots of energy plan features worth comparing to get the best possible deal. GoSwitch will compare your current plan with new plans on the market and show you the ways you can save by making the switch to Powerdirect. Your GoSwitch call centre energy consultant can guide you every step of the way to ensure maximum potential savings on future electricity bills.

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    Is Powerdirect right for you?

    If you live in Melbourne, Sydney, South-East Queensland and other Australian regions, Powerdirect could be the right choice for your home or small business. Powerdirect is a hands-on company offering a wide range of energy supply services. Electricity comparison can be complex, and electricity usage variable in different regions, so energy companies are known to strike better deals with established retailers such as Powerdirect. Compare with GoSwitch, and find out if Powerdirect is right for you.

    Why use GoSwitch?

    GoSwitch is the fast way to find cost-effective deals online. Here are just a few ways we can assist.

    • Locating tailored energy deals in NSW, Vic, Qld, SA, and the ACT
    • Comparing the offers of competitive electricity retailers
    • Showing you how you will benefit by switching energy plans
    • Locating special offers, incentives, rebates, and cheaper usage rates
    • Uncovering every possible means to find a tailored energy deal just for you
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    FAQs about Power Direct Plans

    Powerdirect is a major player in the Australian electricity distribution network with a strong customer base. Plan information is fully outlined and customers are given various payment options. Powerdirect consistently delivers new energy plans with costs well below those of general market offers.

    Yes, Powerdirect is owned by AGL. This provides tremendous backing for Powerdirect services and their ability to keep prices low for the benefit of Australian consumers. AGL has been an Australian favourite energy supplier for generations, and GoSwitch is your connection for savings with major energy suppliers and retailers.

    In a deregulated energy market, the cheapest energy provider changes on an almost weekly basis. However, the cheapest energy deal is not necessarily the one that will be most suitable for you. Firstly, it’s worth asking yourself a few questions.

    • Are there incentives to stay with your present retailer?
    • Are there conditions attached if you decide to stay with your present retailer?
    • What incentives are included in potential new contracts?
    • Are the incentives valid for the lifetime of the contract?
    • What are the alternatives when incentives expire?
    • Do the incentives apply to all of the bill or just a portion?

    GoSwitch will help you find the most suitable electricity retailer for your personal needs. When partnering with Powerdirect, you can take your service provider with you almost anywhere in eastern and southern Australia. We put the power back in your hands so you can save money on electricity bills wherever possible.

    Comparing plans and providers takes only a few minutes using the GoSwitch search engine, and the entire process can be performed online.

    •  Enter your postcode
    • Are you moving to a new property?
    • Will you be using solar panels for power or feed-in rebates?
    • Select your property or business type
    • Select a household or small business profile

    It really is that easy to get a better deal on electricity. The automated GoSwitch system will save you days of endless comparison searching. Our service is 100% free, and you get to speak to a call centre expert who will guide you through the steps toward getting a better electricity deal.