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Now is the right time to compare providers for the most competitive gas and electricity energy prices Sydney has to offer. Low annual cost rates and best deals in NSW that don’t skimp on benefits are in demand and are entirely possible using the GoSwitch price comparison service.

How Does the Sydney Energy Market Work?

The Sydney energy market is deregulated, with a number of new and established energy retailers vying for business. Energy customers also have the option of accepting the default market offer from the New South Wales government. If you live in Sydney, there will be several energy providers in your local distribution network, and you can find out who they are using the GoSwitch price comparison tool. Whatever company you go with, there will be two types of power charges.

Daily Supply Charges : Electricity originating in power stations travels via major NSW electricity distributors throughout NSW, VIC, QLD, and other Australian States prior to reaching your local network.

Usage Charges : Determined according to the amount of electricity you use, and how you use it. This is household or mains power regulated at a voltage suitable for electrical appliances, devices, lighting, etc.

Your energy usage can also be adapted as a bundle gas & electricity deal. Natural gas is a viable alternative to electricity for powering various household appliances, with lots of personalised advantages. Your energy retailer should provide a combined gas price and electricity bill so you can see all your energy rates savings in one place.

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Size of the Sydney Energy Network

Sydney is a huge city, and the East Coast of Australia is the most densely populated region in the country, boasting the world’s longest continuous electricity supply service. Major gas companies, such as Jemena Gas Networks, also serve large numbers of NSW customers. Ausgrid Electricity, for example, serves 1.8 million customers with a network of substations, powerlines, power poles and underground cables in Sydney, the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.

The Sydney, NSW, and ACT electricity networks are a massive undertaking, and natural gas also plays a significant role, with 96,000km of gas networks throughout Australia delivering reliable and efficient energy to Australian homes and businesses. The size of the network means there are savings for consumers, and GoSwitch is on hand to help you land a great energy deal.

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Which Providers offer Gas and Electricity Plans in Sydney?

Electricity and gas plans are offered by established retailers and newer companies taking advantage of the deregulated energy market. The influx of new businesses means competition is fierce, and customers are the big winners. GoSwitch partners with leading Sydney and Australian energy providers, including:

Energy Australia Sumo
Dodo BlueNRG
AGL 1st Energy
OVO Simply Energy

Sydney Electricity and Gas Tariffs

‘Tariff’ is a term used for pricing. In other words, a tariff is the price you pay for the energy you use. Electricity and gas tariffs both contain supply and usage charges, divided into two parts on your bill. Some tariffs, such as time of use tariffs, have variable usage charges at different times of the day. Some people use smart meters to capitalise on off-peak tariffs. Here is a closer look at tariffs.

Time of use : Different usage rates are charged according to peak, shoulder, and off-peak times. A good option if you are home during the day.

Single rate : The same usage rate 24/7, so you can keep appliances and washing machines humming along with no unexpected charges.

Off-Peak : Usually at night and on weekends, off-peak energy savings add up fast. Check your postcode for prices in your area.

Solar feed-in tariff : Unused electricity generated by solar panels can be sold back to the grid and credited to your bill.

Controlled Load Tariff : This is the power used by stand-alone appliances such as water heaters or irrigation pumps.

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Comparing Energy Retailers in Sydney

Sydney is powered by electricity and gas, with many households opting for a combination of the two with bundle deals. Customers are eager to get a better deal and cut down on power costs, and in a deregulated market it’s easy to compare gas and electricity energy retailers and make a positive change with GoSwitch.

We are the favourite Sydney energy price comparison service for all the right reasons, and our reputation is built on customer satisfaction. The GoSwitch price comparison takes only a few minutes to complete, and you are given personalised gas and energy deals for your postcode.

Simply compare deals with your current plan and the government regulator default market offer, and if you find a better deal you can speak directly to a GoSwitch energy professional. We support you every step of the way, and our service to you is absolutely free.

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The Cheapest Electricity and Gas in Sydney

In a competitive market, it can be difficult to find the cheapest electricity and gas providers in Sydney and New South Wales. Fortunately, the GoSwitch comparison engine can cut through the chatter of energy plans and energy bills while also locating savings and incentives worth getting excited about. Here are some questions worth asking about incentives attached to your energy bill.

  • Are there savings opportunities with my current energy provider?
  • Do these savings opportunities come with conditions attached?
  • What incentives are offered by potential new providers/retailers?
  • Do the incentives apply for a benefit period or the lifetime of the contract?
  • What are the contract changes when incentives expire?
  • Do the incentives apply to the entire bill or only a portion?
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Is Electricity Expensive in Sydney?

Sydney electricity is comparable with the cost in other Australian states. Prices fluctuate according to power generation strategies, plus supply and demand. Basic plan information is just the start, and competitive retailers ensure money saver initiatives are on offer. Renewable energy, solar power and wind farm initiatives are additional ‘sustainable’ approaches to power generation and electricity usage worth considering.

Is Gas Expensive in Sydney?

Natural gas is competitively priced as an alternative to electricity in Sydney. Residential customers and small businesses appreciate gas versatility for cooking and heating, and your electricity and gas bill can be bundled together for convenient payments.

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Discounts when Combining Gas and Electricity

The entire billing process is easier when gas and electricity are combined into a single account. You can also set up direct debit bill payments and benefit from any pay-on-time discounts associated with your contract. Some GoSwitch energy supply partners supply both electricity and gas to Sydney, NSW, Victorian and Queensland customers, so keep an eye out for bundle deal contract discounts.

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What are Electricity and Gas Rebates?

There are several types of rebates available for gas and electricity customers in Sydney, including the low-income household rebate, family energy rebate, and seniors energy rebate. Make sure to ask your GoSwitch energy expert about rebates. We are here to help.

The NSW gas rebate assists people who pay natural gas or LPG gas bills. These rebates can be claimed by those holding eligible concession cards issued by the Commonwealth Department of Human Services or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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How Do You Get Cheaper Gas and Electricity?

It really is possible to get cheaper gas and energy deals with GoSwitch. Here is how GoSwitch can help in a few easy steps using our price comparison service.

  1. Enter your property postcode
  2. Submit a few basic property details
  3. Select if solar power is part of the equation
  4. Choose from electricity, gas, or a bundle deal
  5. Select home or business property type
  6. Submit a basic household profile

The price comparison is complete in only a few minutes, and your choices are guided by professional GoSwitch assistance at each step. If you choose to make the change to a new retailer, we will help you fine-tune the contract for maximum savings. And remember, our service is 100% free.

Saving On Your Bills

Saving on your bills is easy when you know how. GoSwitch takes over the search on your behalf, saving you days of wasted energy wading through confusing and complex information. Our comparison service finds highly competitive deals in real-time, allowing you to compare contracts and start saving on energy bills.

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What to Watch Out For

Power contracts include incentives, charges and features that impact the total bill, and GoSwitch will give you the full picture. Here are some contract areas to watch out for.

  •  Supply charges
  •  Usage charges
  •  Single rate tariffs
  •  Reference price
  •  Cost per kWh (kilowatt hour)
  •  Contract length and payment schedule
  •  Exit fees
  •  Renewable energy tariffs
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Cheapest Gas and Electricity Deals in Sydney FAQs

Electricity prices are continually changing, and all gas and electricity providers aim to offer the best possible deal. However, the GoSwitch comparison engine will locate up-to-date cheapest deals from reputable retailers in only minutes. After that, the choices are all yours for personalising a plan that suits your lifestyle and household.

GoSwitch partners with highly regarded providers such as Energy Australia, AGL and Dodo so you can have confidence when making a change. If you are dissatisfied with your present energy contract, we can locate companies that will make a difference, with all savings passed directly on to you.

AGL is probably best known for natural gas and LPG. However, it is also an in-demand electricity retailer in Sydney and its surrounds. Energy Australia is another well-known company specialising in both gas and electricity. The time has never been better to make a bundle deal switch with GoSwitch, and save money on energy deals.

There is potential to shave hundreds of dollars annually off energy bills. In some cases, it can be a simple matter of renegotiating your current contract. The GoSwitch price comparison service puts you in the picture, allowing you to calculate exactly how much you can save by switching energy providers. Get started with a GoSwitch price comparison today.