Compare Electricity Providers NSW

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NSW is a big state. Big distances, big skies, big open plains and the biggest mountain in Australia. By comparing available electricity providers in NSW to ensure you are on the best possible deal for your household you can make sure your electricity bill does not make the list of ‘Big’ things in this state.

The legislation and regulation of the electricity market including the pricing policies of providers within the market varies state by state throughout Australia, therefore it is essential that you get advice that is tailored to your specific circumstances.

In the general NSW circumstance, the electricity market shifted significantly in 2014 when the NSW State Government deregulated the electricity market. With the noble goal of providing cheaper electricity costs to consumers throughout the state the change allowed electricity providers to set their own price for electricity. Now in NSW as in many other markets, you have a combination of larger providers and second tier companies, each offered their own pricing policy. This change has in many instances resulted in cheaper prices for electricity customers however, as in any market it is essential for consumers to influence pricing through the functions of supply and demand.

City v Regional Providers

NSW is a state of contrast and extremes, from Sydney, the largest city in Australia, to huge regional centers like Newcastle and the Central Coast to small towns separated by huge distances like Orange or Broken Hill, electricity providers have to ensure that their offering is suitable for the market.

If you live in Sydney or one of the large regional centers you are going to benefit from a greater level of competition between electricity providers as they seek to offer the best possible pricing to attract more customers. For residents living in these areas there is more opportunity to negotiate pricing, switch providers and save money in the process.

In the regional areas there are often fewer providers and on average the cost of electricity may be higher than that which is seen in the cities. However, this is even more reason to ensure that you are comparing the providers in your specific market and getting the best possible deal available to you.

The number one way you can make the market more competitive is by comparing your current provider to the rest of the market and switching to the provider that works best for your household. There are many things to consider if you are looking to switch electricity providers, some of these include:

  • Pricing: Electricity contracts can vary significantly between providers and some will be more suited to your situation than others, each with their own promotional rates, discount rates, peak and off-peak times, cost per kilowatt hour and pay on time discounts. Comparing the market will assist in finding the right plan for you.
  • Fees & Charges: Some companies may charge you an early cancelation fee or there may be a connection fee for your new provider. By comparing the offering all providers you can make sure you are getting the best deal that considers all fees.
  • Does the contract suit you?
    • Standard Contract – with fixed pricing for six months, these contracts provide pricing certainty, no exit fees and allow consumers to switch providers at any time
    • Market Contract – the provider may be able to make pricing alterations throughout the life of the contract but provide consumers with greater choice. Features will vary across providers but may include discount rates and a greater opportunity to negotiate pricing  
  • Does the Company suit you? Do you have a preference when it comes to payment methods, bill frequency or the option of paper or electronic bills? Do you want a provider that sources their electricity from renewal energy sources? Do you prefer having both Gas and Electricity with one provider? These are all essential when it comes to finding a provider that suits you.

Whatever your reason for comparing your electricity providers, the deregulation of the NSW energy market provides greater competition and opportunity for consumers and by comparing your current provider with the rest of the market you can ensure you are getting the deal that works best for you.