What are the 2 best methods people are doing to reduce their energy costs?

Many households have become increasingly aware of the costly and somewhat unkind energy market in Australia. Over the past ten years, the cost of energy has seen a significant increase, which has had an adverse effect on living costs for the majority of households. Moreover, as it stands, there doesn’t seem to be a decrease in sight when it comes to the expensive energy bills.

Besides, the fact that many households have to bear the brunt of the costs, it doesn’t help that cheaper electricity deals can be quite challenging to compare and understand. Therefore, many people are taking the matter of reducing their costly energy bills into their own hands. This article aims to highlight why taking control to reduce your energy bills is becoming more popular in Australian households.

Why are households taking energy costs into their own hands?

As mentioned, the seemingly high energy costs are prompting many Australians to seek alternative solutions. Comparing electricity deals seems to be the most obvious approach. However, due to the introduction of new tools and methods, households now have access to reduce their energy usage. According to AEMC, they explained in their latest energy competition review that:

 “Consumers are more motivated to change the way they use and access energy to take control of their bills. And they have the tools to do it.”

Some of the bigger energy providers have started to implement positive changes, to re-establish trust with consumers. Although it is arguably a great improvement, it still doesn’t look like the best solution. So, rather than waiting for the energy market to improve slowly, take control and try the two popular ways to reduce your energy bills below.

The two most used ways you can reduce your energy bills

1. Take advantage of technology

As energy prices have continued to increase, solar PV systems and batteries have decreased. This change to the energy market has been one of the key motivators that many Australian households are converting to a more energy efficient and eco-friendly solution to reduce their costly energy bills. The facts and figures speak for themselves; the annual AEMC review has highlighted yet another increase of more consumers utilising solar energy. AEMC found that 1.8 million households in Australia have solar panels installed in their homes. Besides, solar energy, more households are also investing in batteries to reduce their energy costs proactively.

2. Compare electricity deals

As we briefly mentioned, some energy providers are striving to make positive changes when it comes to their prices and services. However, several providers are less inclined to implement these positive changes to regain the trust of their consumers. So, this is why more people are increasingly switching and comparing energy providers to find the most affordable and beneficial energy deal. In the AEMC report, it highlights that there was an increase in households making switches in almost every state apart from NSW. People can compare electricity deals by using reputable comparison sites to find more financially viable offers. In addition to switching providers, people still installed new technology to reduce their energy bills further.

Being proactive pays

It is completely understandable why the majority of Australian households are not happy or satisfied with the energy market. However, it has influenced and motivated a large number of people to take control of their energy bills by finding more cost-effective and beneficial solutions. If you are dissatisfied with your energy provider, whether it’s the confusing bills or high prices, perhaps it’s time to try one or both of the two most used ways to reduce your energy bills.