How to Compare Electricity Prices in Melbourne

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It’s easy for electricity prices to add up, and summer can add a significant increase in your bills, with air conditioning and additional use of appliances. Plus Melbourne’s cost of living may make you want to save a few dollars here and there. As providers all have different plans, you may find you can save some money by looking into your available plans and electricity suppliers.

We outline how exactly you can compare electricity prices for Melbourne homes.

Start with your current plan

Whether you’re moving out and want to look at your options or want to see if there’s a better deal for your place, start with your current plan. Look at your rates and breakdown general usage to see how your current plan stacks up with others.

Look at your electricity usage

Take a look at your previous bills to see how much electricity you use each month. You might even want to consider which appliances increase your bill. Calculate how much you are charged with how much electricity you use. Are there areas where you can limit usage? Any additional savings you can do on your own? Either way, your existing energy usage is a good way to compare with other plans available.

Ask about extras or discounts

Have a look at what plans are available with other providers, you might find discounts for your existing plans, or you may be eligible for a portion cashback. Bundling your gas and electricity usually helps you save, plus some providers actually offer extras that could help with additional bills you have. Make sure to ask your energy specialist about what you are eligible for. 

Check the available suppliers in your area

Not all providers will be available in your area so use a portal to see which are around. Your suburb might also have an influence on rates of your bills.

Request a price breakdown

Providers will give you a price breakdown if you are interested. These details are good if you want to compare the differences between other providers. What’s the same? What’s different?

Contracts available

You may have specific needs when it comes to contracts, and it’s good to see what the provider can offer. Some offer month-to-month bills with no lock-in contracts, others may have 6-12 month contracts. Your decision will depend on your preferences. Plus, you should be able to decide when you would like your bills to be due, whether that’s monthly or quarterly.

Customer service and flexibility

A customer-centric provider will always have your best interest in mind. A good way to start this research is to see what customers say in reviews and comments on social media. You can then also look into how flexible the company’s plans, rates and contracts are to see if it suits your preferences.

Available rebates and concessions

Low-income earners will have rebates and concessions available. Ask your provider what you are eligible for and what is available.

Try simple comparison portals

The details can be a lot, but there are websites to help you. If you’re struggling with the complexities you can utilise a comparison website that can either give you a breakdown of available plans or have a specialist contact you to give you a recommendation. If you’re looking for the right support, GoSwitch offers a completely free portal to get you the right deal.

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