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Should everyone complete an energy comparison?

Most family units and organizations are paying more for their energy than they should. A comparison of energy is essential as it provides insight into what you’re really paying for. Competition in the market is rising continuously, and as a consumer of electricity, choosing a cheaper package can save you a lot of money. Before making a decision, you should carefully study all the offers available in the market.

Saving on your bill

Heat loss

There is around 30% of energy lost in most hot water tanks. Although water tanks are insulated, insulating the water pipes can stop heat loss and save energy, and in turn, save your money on huge energy bills.

Washing machines

Using cold water in your washing machine saves a significant amount on the gas that is required to heat the water. Not only does this save energy and money, but often it is actually better for clothes too. Many fabrics are susceptible in hot water, and cold is recommended for a number of fabrics.

Refrigerator, freezer

The refrigerator should be placed in a cool place, If the temperature in the room where the refrigerator stands reaches 30ºC, then its electricity consumption doubles.

Do not put warm foods in the refrigerator, let them cool to room temperature.

Defrost the freezer in good time if ice builds up in it. A thick layer of ice will impair the cooling of frozen food and increase energy consumption.

Air conditioning

The operation of the air conditioner must be carried out with the windows and doors closed. Otherwise, the air conditioner won’t cool down the areas needed. In this case, the electricity consumed for the operation of the air conditioner will be wasted.


  • Using less hot bathing water in the bathroom.
  • Having a quick shower instead of a long hot one
  • Using a low-flow showerhead.
  • Fix dripping taps immediately.

Through our comparative study and analysis, our expert energy professionals help you rationalize your energy consumption and reduce your bills, by providing competitive plans.

How Powershop can save you money!

Powershop believes in Australia’s future. Traditional energy sources are contributing to excessive CO2 emissions, and resulting in an urgent climate crisis. Powershop believes renewable energy is the way of the future, as it harnesses the power of natural resources, like sun and wind, to power our homes. Not only does this help to secure the earth’s future, it ultimately reduces the cost of producing power, as fewer resources are required to produce renewable energy compared to traditional energy.

From competitive pricing to the quick and easy switch over process, Powershop gives its customers the power to pay their bills whichever way they might want. On top of that, Powershop provides the ultimate energy tracking technologies, allowing customers to monitor their energy use in the most comprehensive way possible. Tracking your usage is simple. Using our handy app and other online tools, you can track your peak periods of usage, manage your account, pay your bills, and buy top-up Powerpacks.

If renewable energy is important to you, consider Powershop as a great energy provider that may suit your needs. Not only are they the most environmentally friendly option on the market, they provide cutting edge innovation to ensure you get the most out of your energy provider.

To find out if Powershop could be a competitive energy retailer for you, contact us today.