How to Compare Electricity Rates in Victoria

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Whether you are in the regional towns of Victoria or living in the metropolitan Melbourne, we all want to make sure we are getting the best possible deals, especially when it comes to energy. Sometimes comparing the market can make a difference to your electricity rates, which is why we always recommend you shop around, whether you are moving household or looking for other options for your existing home. If you’re trying to compare rates on your own, here’s a few starting points for you to consider.

Check on your existing plans

Start with what you already have to see what your next steps should be. Take a look at your past bills and use the information available to start having conversations with your existing provider. They can give you details on your electricity rates and potentially recommend other options if you are eligible.

Look at household electricity usage

Rates are made up of a variety of factors, and your bills will explain how much you are paying per watts. It’s always good to take a look at just how much electricity you use compared to how many people are in your household. You may even want to use this information to consider some different energy saving methods to cut a few dollars off of your bills. This usage and price per watts is something you can go back to providers with.

Ask about extras & discounts

Can you save more with your current provider? Or is it time to switch to another that can offer you discounts? Many suppliers want you to stick with them, so they’ll offer bundling prices (gas and electricity) as well as extras that might persuade you. Take advantage of this, and ask your providers to discuss what discounts you are eligible for.

Search suppliers in your area

It’s important that you check the providers you are researching are actually available in your area. Use an online portal to compare available providers in your area and take a look at their available rates. You may find differences. No two suburbs are the same when it comes to electricity rates.

Request a price breakdown

A price breakdown helps you understand exactly what you’re paying for when you get that bill in the mail. If you want to establish the details of your rates then the breakdown can help you compare with others. Take a look at differences, similarities, anything that jumps out at you and then talk to an energy specialist if you have queries.

Available contracts

Always ask about contracts to ensure that what’s available suits your needs. Is it a 6 month contract? A 12 month contract? Month-to-month? What is the exit clause? How are bills scheduled? You should feel comfortable with how you pay and manage your electricity.

Flexible and customer focused

Take a look at reviews and comments of your providers to investigate how helpful and useful the provider is, and ask about flexibility in terms of payment, billing, contracts and managing your accounts.

Rebates and concessions

Low income workers can receive certain rebates and concessions where applicable, so ask your provider what you are eligible for. They will help you through the process.

Easy portals to compare instantly

If the details get to you, you can easily find everything you need using a comparison platform online. Just write in your suburb to see all the available electricity rates in your area, and fill in contact details to get a recommendation from a specialist. GoSwitch offers a completely free service for Australians to get the best energy deal available. 

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