One simple trick to avoid nasty energy bill surprises

GoSwitch Admin2

4 December 2020 2 mins read

It’s a well-known fact that the energy market can be a trap for misinformed energy consumers.  Most people you speak to have a story of receiving surprise electricity or gas bill in the mail, where out of the blue their bill has spiked by 10, 20, 30 or even up to 40% from one bill to another, without any change to their living habits.

“Fortunately, there is one simple trick to avoid this”

When you sign up to an energy plan, whether it be electricity or gas, there is one important component of that deal you need to pay special attention to.  It’s called the “benefit period”.  Now, there is no standard approach here, most retailers vary in their benefit periods, which is yet another reason why the energy industry is confusing for the average consumer.  We see benefit periods vary from 12 months to the lifetime of the account.  Whilst this may seem unfair, it’s well within the rules set by regulators and is the sneaky way energy retailers make huge profits, as they catch out customers who aren’t on top of their energy account.

GoSwitch CEO Clint Robinson said, “Fortunately, there is one simple trick to avoid this”.  “By comparing electricity and gas deals with GoSwitch we not only help you find a competitive energy deal, but we also are here to help you keep on top of your energy account each and every year it comes up for renewal”.  He goes on to discuss that most consumers set and forget, then become very irate when the benefit period lapses and a surprise bill lands in the mail.  What his team does, is proactive keeps in contact with their customers, when their benefit period comes up for renewal, and ensures they are informed of new energy offers on the market, and assists them in signing up to the cheapest electricity plan and compare electricity providers Sunshine Coast.

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