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Is there any advantage to comparing energy providers?

A comparison of energy is essential as it provides insight into what you’re really paying for. Competition in the market is rising continuously, and as a consumer of electricity, choosing a cheaper package can save you a lot of money. Before making a decision, you should carefully study all the offers available in the market.

With GoSwitch’s free plan comparison, we review your energy needs and assess your options using comparative technology. This service is completely free, and operates using an extensive database of reviews, statistics and prices of a range of plans. Our customer service is highly trained to analyse your energy needs and consists of helpful operators that can make a difference. Our comparison service allows you to save on your bill, by identifying a gas and electricity offer that provides better value than the one you currently have.

How you can save energy at home

It is very easy to rack up huge home energy bills, particularly in the age of working and schooling from home. Below, see our recommended tips for not only saving a lot of energy, also a lot of money in the process. The first recommendation is for you to switch off all the lights that you do not need. You should not have the bulbs on during the daytime, and in fact, you should make sure all your bulbs are LED for maximum energy saving.

If you are able to invest in insulation, this is the best way to prevent overuse of heating and cooling and therefore reduce your energy bills. Insulation ensures that the dwelling retains its temperature more effectively. So, in summer your house or apartment is less likely to quickly heat up, while in winter your households in the heat more effectively.

The use of water is a large cause of energy overuse, without even realizing. Hot water does not come cheap, so when it is time for you to have a shower, make it as short as possible. When you are also doing your handwashing, shaving, or even brushing of the teeth, do not leave the hot water running.

If you have a leaky faucet in your bathroom, ensure that you fix it as doing so will help you reduce your costs of energy. One of the fastest ways to increase energy charges is to leave the leaky faucet or other plumbing unattended to.

Can I get an energy comparison done even if I already owe money?

Yes, you can do a comparison between energy suppliers even when you owe money. Owing some money does not mean that you will not be able to do a comparison. Once the comparison is done, you will be able to go with the one that has the best plan for you.

What do you need to look for in an energy provider and plan

The parameters that you need to consider in an energy plan and retailer include the charges being offered and the services listed out for you. You should also check out the reviews that other customers have left for the retailer, as this will go a long way in helping you with making a decision.

When is the best time to make the switch?

Commonly, many people hardly ever change their energy plan or provider, due to believing it will be time consuming and difficult. However ideally, you should do the switch once every year or 18 months. Each year energy providers update their plans and offerings. By remaining on the same plan for years, you are missing out on valuable saving opportunities. We recommend scoping out the market every 12-18 months for this reason.

Consider Simply Energy

Simply Energy have been operating in the Australian energy market since 2005 and boast over 600,000 customers nationwide. Recently becoming a part of Engie, a global energy provider, Simply Energy now brings significant global energy knowledge to the Australian market.

Whilst Simply Energy are regularly providing excellent electricity and gas plans to customers, they are also busy partnering with many of Australia’s major sporting, automotive, loyalty and entertainment clubs.  This has enabled many Simply Energy customers to qualify for special rates and offers from their partnerships.

Changing providers and getting the best deal is a lot easier than you think. Simply Energy plans are easy to understand. They offer straight forward advice and access to some of the best rates in Australia.

To find out if Simply Energy could be a competitive energy retailer for you, contact us today.