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Queensland is a beautiful state and covers a land area larger than many countries. It is also a state of distinct regions, from the metropolitan areas of South East Queensland, up through the Gold Coast, Rockhampton and on to Northern Queensland cities and towns of Cairns and Townsville.

This regional separation is also carried through to the states electricity market which creates a unique situation for the state of Queensland and its residents. In Queensland we see a partially regulated market that is divided between South East Queensland and the rest of the state:

  • South East Queensland: The most populous area within Queensland including Brisbane and the Gold Coast was deregulated in 2016. This gave electricity retailers the ability to set their own prices, in turn encouraging new retailers into the market and fostering greater competition. This competition does mean that residents in these regions are going to have a greater choice of providers and a better opportunity to reduce their current energy costs.
  • The rest of Queensland: Remains a government regulated market with the Government having the power to set maximum prices that energy providers can charge. While a regulated market will generally see fewer providers, the rules set by government cap the maximum price that consumers will pay for electricity, which provides some certainty around pricing. Given the vast distances across Queensland this security and capped pricing is a positive for consumers. Additional the government, while it sets a maximum it does not set a minimum price and consumers are still able to negotiate with their retailers.

The dual system of regulation does not stop Queensland consumers from comparing their current deal with what is available in the market and most importantly switching to a new provider when you find a better deal. However, it is likely that those people in South East Queensland will see a larger impact that those in the rest of the state. A willingness to compare and switch is great for competition and pricing and ensures that providers are creating better deals for their customers.

Solar in Queensland: Solar is another big factor in the Queensland electricity market and given it is the ‘Sunshine State’ certainly makes sense. Queensland is leading the way when it comes to Solar and has 5 of the Top 10 Solar postcodes in the country, from Bundaberg to Mackay, Solar has been embraced. As a result of this, Queensland consumers are generally well versed in feed in tariffs, these tariffs do change over time and is also an important factor to consider when choosing an electricity provide that suits your household. 

The joint system seen in Queensland does mean that the biggest opportunity to save is in the more densely populated South East regions including Brisbane and the Gold Coast. At present, in 2020, there does appear to be anything in the works to make changes to this system. While this may be the case, the process to compare your current provider to the rest of the market is simple and efficient and could save you more than you think.

If you are in the Sunshine State use our comparison tool today to make sure you are with the best provider for you.