How to Compare Electricity Rates in NSW

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The cost of living in NSW can be high. And with that high cost of living comes even higher bills. We all want the best possible energy rates for our household, but how do you go about finding and comparing the best rates available in NSW? If you’re looking to compare electricity and gas companies on your own, GoSwitch has a few helpful hints to get you started.

Start with your existing plan

Your existing plan will help you gauge exactly where you can save and where you may be spending more than necessary. If you’ve been happy with your provider for some time, you may want to reach out to them to see what options are available for you. Providers want long-term customers, so they’re always available to help!

Look at your electricity & gas usage

Take a look at how much electricity and gas you are actually using each month to gauge household and individual use per cost. If you find your cost per watts seems higher than others you have found online, it might be time to talk to your provider. This is also a good tactic to get you thinking about your usage and considering new ways to minimise electricity and gas.

Look into extras and discounts

Your current provider may have discounts or extras you may not be aware of. Alternatively, other providers can offer you discounts for bundling your bills (gas and electric) or offer extras that can help you with other bills. Speak to an energy specialist within the provider to see what you are eligible for.

Browse suppliers in your area

Not all suppliers will service your area, so make sure to use an online portal to browse what providers are actually available in your area. Your suburb or region may also have an impact on your bills which is useful for you to know.

Request a price breakdown

If you’re looking to get into the details your provider can give you a price breakdown that lets you determine where and how your bill is created. Regional fees, GST, usage, etc. are all factored into your one bill, but the breakdown can help you compare with other providers you are looking at.

Contract options

You want to have a contract that suits your preferences, so ask your providers what contracts are available with your plan. Month-to-month? 6 months? 12 months? What are the exit clauses? You might have a preference so take a look at your options.

Flexibility of service

Exit clauses, payment options, online portals for checking your usage, this is all useful information for you to make a smart decision on your electricity & gas. You want a customer-centric supplier that’ll be flexible with available options, so do your research. A great way to look at suppliers is to look at their online reviews and comments.

Available rebates and concessions

Low income earners are eligible for particular rebates and concessions, and your provider will be able to support you in getting these. Talk to your provider about what is available for you.

Browse and compare online

An online comparison platform can let you easily browse your household’s options for electricity and gas. It also means you don’t have to sift through multiple websites to see what’s available. GoSwitch lets you easily compare your options online, with specialists available when you are looking for a recommendation. Find the cheapest NSW electricity deal to suit your needs.

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