How to Get the Best Electricity Deals in the Gold Coast

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We all love the sunny weather of the Gold Coast, but in summer your electricity bills can add up. Whether you are renting an apartment or moving into your first home, you’ll want to get a good deal on your electricity. GoSwitch goes through some of the factors you should consider when comparing the best electricity deals in your area. 

Your current plan

Your existing plan will help you gauge exactly what you should expect with any future plans. You might even want to speak to your current provider about other plans that you could switch to.

Look at your electricity usage

How much electricity do you use each month? No two households are the same, which is why it’s important to understand how you compare to other households to get the best market price available. Take the time to look at past bills and understand how many watts you use on average per day, and what the cost per watts is. You might find that doing this you can then recognise which appliances you use the most, and even where you may be able to reduce your usage. If you’re comfortable with your usage you can use your price per watts to compare with other suppliers.

Ask about discounts

Of course the best deals come with the best discounts, so it’s always good to see what extras you can find. The good thing is suppliers want you for the long run, so they’ll incentivise you staying on. Ask your current provider if you are eligible for any discounts, and do your research on which providers offer you extras where applicable. You might be surprised by what you find.

Look at your region’s suppliers

The suburb you’re in can impact the rate you are charged, so take a look at the details of your area. Not all suppliers will service your area, so you want to know which providers you can cut out from your comparison process.

Ask for a price breakdown

All providers will give you a price breakdown upon request, which outlines exactly how your rates are calculated. There are a few factors that make up your costs, including GST, service fees and region fees. When you look at a price breakdown you can properly understand exactly where your money goes, and potentially compare differences and similarities with other providers. 

Understand contracts

You want a contract that you’re happy with, and your electricity bill is no different to any other contract. When committing to a provider you want to ensure you’re well versed on everything you need to know about available contracts. What are the exit clauses? How can you pay? What payment options are available? Are there month to month contracts? Everyone is different, and everyone has preferences, so find a provider that meets your preferences.

Flexibility and service

A flexible provider will help you get a good deal, and offer you support when you need it. There’s no doubt that customer service is the centre of all services, but there’s a real difference between companies that practice what they preach and those that don’t. How much support is available to you when issues occur? Do you have visibility of your usage? What about customer support? Take a look at online reviews to see what you can expect with your provider.

Utilise an online platform

Online portals are a great way to get all the information you need in one place. Save time and money by utilising the experience and knowledge of GoSwitch’s energy specialists.

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